Sarasota Cycling Club, based in Sarasota, FL., is an amateur sport club with a focus on local rider development. Our goal is to offer the support infrastructure for local competitive cyclists to maximize their enjoyment and potential in this tremendous sport. We give back through community outreach, supporting local charity organizations and offering cycling specific events throughout the year. We are a USA Cycling bicycle racing club with male, female, masters, and junior athletes. We communicate and promote our club with social media, community events, bicycling racing, and local group rides. We are also a registered Florida Clean Ride Club and support testing at Florida road events to ensure fair competition at the amateur level. 

Membership is by invitation only and prospective members must fill out a membership application and USADA Rider Pledge. Membership is subject to approval by the Board of Directors. Memberships are for the calendar year and expire on December 31 of that year. All prospective members must read and complete the following membership application package for membership consideration:

  • Board of Directors and Communication
  • Membership Dues and Benefits
  • Code of Conduct
  • Membership Application
  • Release and Indemnity Agreement
  • USADA Rider Pledge

USADA Pledge