Florida Clean Ride

Sarasota Cycling Club is a Florida Clean Ride Club

About the Florida Clean Ride FundThe Florida Bicycle Racing Association (myFBRA.org) administers the Florida Clean Ride Fund. The FBRA is the local association for USA Cycling in the state of Florida.

The Florida Clean Ride Fund is designed to facilitate U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) testing at Florida road events and ensure fair competition at the local amateur level.

As racers, we all would like to know that our achievements in sport were the result of our training, teamwork, tactics and drive. The way to ensure all competitors are competing without the aid of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) is through testing conducted by the USADA, and by educating cyclists about the dangers and/or side effects of using PEDs. One barrier that has kept Florida from being a clean cycling state was the lack of funding required to hire USADA to conduct testing and to build the infrastructure for an educational platform.

The Florida Clean Ride Fund has been established to eliminate these barriers. The fund will be a place where riders, sponsors, teams, and fans of true and fair competition can work together to generate the funding needed for USADA testing. The Florida Clean Ride Fund will also take on the role of coordinator between the USADA, event promoters and FBRA to ensure that every step in the implementation of testing at FBRA events runs smoothly. The fund allows those who want to support clean and fair sport to do just that. Donating sponsors, teams, and riders have the option to remain anonymous or be recognized publicly on the website and in other marketing as contributors and supporters of clean and fair sport.

The second main component of the Florida Clean Ride Fund will be the dissemination of educational links, articles and resources to educate Florida cyclists as to what PEDs are, how testing is conducted, what a rider’s rights are and where a rider can go for more information. These resources will be housed on the Florida Clean Ride Fund website.

The testing program funds will be administered through FBRA. Fund coordinator Ryan Saylor will work directly with promoters, the FBRA, and the USADA to assist with the logistics of testing the selection of events. All funds will be transferred through the secure PayPal network and the FBRA will disclose all donation amounts as a line items within their finances for full transparency to all members of FBRA.

The FBRA feels that this fund and the resources it can provide are the first true steps to ensuring that all racers in Florida can be confident their results will be earned with hard work, training and determination, and not marginalized by those who choose to use PEDs as a short cut to better performance.